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Originally Posted by e92_m3 View Post
Put the hydraulic steering back and this will be the one of the best 3 series ever!
Still is the best "bread and butter" 3-series ever.

Personally I believe the 'chatter' on the steering is over the top, something for the press and forums to talk about. The basic 328i steering that I tried was light, that's true, but precise, more precise mid position than my hydraulic steering is, in an E91 wagon (and from new).

Motoring in Europe has moved on, BMW is a brand driven by folks who are generally not car enthusiasts, so want lighter steering, the heavy feel of previous models has received criticism by many drivers.

IMO, the enthusiast needs the think "specification", sport steering for example. With correct options, there is something for virtually everyone.

My dealer principal, a car enthusiast and with BMW for many generations of models, told me he has never seen such a leap of progress in one model evolution, in all his years with BMW.