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Originally Posted by SCBimmerKid View Post
I've had an Rx-8 for quite a while with electric steering and it's one of the best handling cars I've ever driven. I drove the new 3-series before I bought it and loved it just as much. Very precise, even though it's not heavy. I think a lot of people confuse steering weight with steering "feel."
Steering weight, as you say, doesn't automatically mean better road feel and feedback. Too much weight and it can numb the feel anyway.

There is a lot of talk on here as if the EPS is new, some E90/91 models have been usuing EPS for several years, so many drivers are already used to it in BMW 3-series models.

Also a hydraulic system is in itself no miracle product for precision. I was in a new Vauxhall Insignia sedan the other day with hydraulic steering, it was lighter than the EPS in the new 328i. The 328i's EPS was the better system, for road feel and precision.