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Originally Posted by jerrypon83 View Post
Maybe our family is that .001%, but we never have problem with our cars. 5 BMWs, 3 of them are more than 10 years old and guess what? They never have those big problems that cost us a fortune.
I've owned two, along with two Audis and two Volvos. I've driven the BMWs and Audis to high mileage, and the BMWs have been far less expensive to maintain. So I agree with you.

Originally Posted by KneeDragr View Post
It does not take a lot to research cost of ownership, you are welcome to do so. Higher tech cars cost more to fix.
True, and when you do your research, you will find that BMWs have about average reliability down the stretch. All cars have more technology in them than they used to.

Originally Posted by KneeDragr View Post
Also, any 1 particular situation is never indicative of statistics as a whole. Your situation may mirror dozens of others on this board, but that does not mean that its the average scenario.
You're right about the first part of that, but I think the "internet board effect" is working the opposite of the way you suggest. People who are having problems are far more vocal than people who aren't, and the preponderance of activity on these boards is from people complaining or seeking a solution to a problem. I don't think what we read here, as relates to reliability, is indicative of the greater experience.
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