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Originally Posted by HPF 335i #1 View Post

That was December...

As of now, I just finished another 90 days of P90X! So that pic is weak. Id post more, but i feel kinda weird.
Working out is a passion of mine, just so happens i do it for a living. Every once in a while i compete in all natural bodybuilding shows and train some clients to compete as well, however i dont confuse looking fit and being fit . I do my best to say what i mean, and mean what i say. Hats off to you for keeping it real
P90x is a great program, however any program can be just as effictive. It doesnt take intense workout programs to get great results. For some reason people think harder is better, i tell my people its smarter not harder. Everyone has different fitness needs, so fitness can be whatever a person needs it to be. Gentics and paying attention to how much you eat goes a long way, ask me how i know.

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