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While I have no clue what my leg press is, looking at your other stats, you certainly are not the most in shape guy on these forums. I weigh within 2 lbs of you (im 5'9"), and on a 3 mile run, i would be at the finish when you got there, barely, but by a few seconds. Full range situps, I have never tried to do as many straight as I could, but I am not to bad, the pushups non stop, not a problem. The bench press, not a problem.
And I am not throwing that out there to knock you down a step. Just trying to show that in todays world/forums, don't make claims that are completely baseless.

And I honestly mean it in no way to try and knock you down. I recently (last 3 years) got into shape. I went from being the guy at the back of the pack at PT, to up front every morning. But there needs to be some humbleness to it all. And to realize, there is always something/someone better out there. You sound like the type that would say my dad can beat up your dad. And I am AF, not Army. But I am required to do both the AF and Army PFT each year due to my job. I maintain a 300 on the PFT and a 100 on the AF PT.

I would say I am probably older than you are though, so maybe it's my age talking.