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Originally Posted by Budge
Originally Posted by Spoolin335 View Post
I actually like the Audi better...

From the side the cars are nearly identical, but Audi has won me over on the styling of the front/rear/interior.
I like the aggressive front on the BMW, but that horrible hood line is really grabbing my eye. Should have kept it like the E9x and made the hood flow all the way to the grills.
BMW's interiors are finally starting to catch up!
I couldn't agree more. And it's almost as if the reviewer didn't look at his own results. He just picked the car he liked the best regardless. BTW, I love your avatar!
Not so surprising. A car isn't always better just because it's faster. There's lots of intangibles involved in how a driver could like a 'slower' car. And anyways the Audi tested is 10,000 euros more expensive so there was that to consider too. Look at how the M3 still better than the C63 despite being less powerful and slower straight line.