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Originally Posted by cstavaru View Post
I had S001 Potenzas (non-RFT) and they are incredibly good in the wet and the ride comfort is awesome, however in the dry they are not the best, unfortunately. Also, they wore out very quickly in the rear, unlike the RE050A.

I liked the RE050A RFT better in the dry and also lasted very long (30000+ miles on a 335i) and I sold them in ok condition for $200 ), but the ride comfort is not the best. RE050A has amazing dry grip, better than S001.
I guess I'm the opposite. I feel like the S001s are a bit grippier in the dry than my old RE050As. Both pale in comparison to my old RE-11s though. I don't understand the criticism of Bridgestone. They consistently make some of the best tires on the market.