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Originally Posted by MERCSUk153 View Post
It is not just clumped together. There is actually some thought to which you think there is madness of buttons.
They have all the buttons there on the MMI because they have grouped the buttons of the radio/media, Nav, Telephone, and Car setup on the four corners of the MMI so that you can operate the buttons without looking down at it and know where and what each button is suppose to do. If you don't want to use the buttons there is voice control. Like you said each manufacturer has reasons for doing things MAC vs Windows and Audi engineers don't just put buttons there for the hell of it.
When I refer to as "clumped" together, I don't mean they just threw buttons there for the sake of it. I'm sure there was some thought put into it why they put them there. I just don't agree with why they did it. I don't see the need to throw every control near the shifter. As we're on the topic of how the interior/layout looks, in my opinion, Audi's setup definitely doesn't help in that department because it looks too busy.

Like I said in my post, I prefer the traditional layout BMW has stuck to for each generation of their 3, everything is separated and laid out according to their function. Radio/climate controls are in one place, drive controls are placed near the shifter, iDrive controls have their own area.

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