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Originally Posted by The X Men View Post
I agree, I have a 2012 A6 and my wife has a 2011 328xi, we both prefer the MMI over the I-drive. Both interiors are pretty high quality, but the Audi interior is much brighter and younger looking, where as BMW's interior is more traditional, dark and old fashion.
Originally Posted by Robin_NL View Post
Guys, better compare the F30 interior/IDrive vs the S4 interior /MMI. Then the F30 will win. Just because it's newer(better integrated)

Coming from a F10 5 series I cannot see why the Audi A6 interior/MMI should be better and/or more ergonomical. I think they are on par. I prefer the F10 5 series interior by far over ANY Audi interior....
I actually preferred the look of the pre-LCI A4/S4 to the E90, including the interior, though due really to the bland E90 interior design that did away with driver oriented design (I have E46 now).

But, +1 to Robin. I much prefer the F30 look, both inside and out to A4/S4 and actually think the look of the Audi front end regressed with the LCI.

But, like others, I think BMW could have done a better job with the hood line, though it seems it was done primarily to reduce repair (and insurance) costs for front end damage. Maybe they'll change that in the F80 M3 to differentiate since overall build numbers will be a lot lower and less cost sensitive.