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Originally Posted by MERCSUk153 View Post
Thanks! The footwell lights are nice and bright and white. The armrest lights are also a nice touch. I would have like to see BMW bring the drivers side console down like the passenger side. It kind of looks funny with passenger side with and drivers side without the console wall. Also nice to see you don't have the ghastly red stripe. That red stripe makes the BMW look like a ricer car. No idea why BMW would put it in a Luxury Sports Sedan.
Oh, this isn't my car-- I just saw the link in the media gallery and pasted it here. Full disclosure though: I also have the ghastly red stripe.... *awkward* But I'm young (26 med student) so I find it quite attractive.

Also of note-- BMW is trying to separate out that term, "Luxury Sports Sedan" as evidenced by their lines (luxury, sport, modern lines). Since I opted for the "sports" line, I consider my f30 more of a sports car than a luxury car. Obviously, it's more luxurious than a Honda or Toyota but predominately, my first thoughts about my car is that it's a sports car. So to me, that semi-justifies the red stripe.
If I opted for the luxury line, that red stripe wouldn't EVER come in the equation.

Originally Posted by 1.fresh.f30.335
I ordered the red w/silver and personally I like it... then again Im 23 and the subtle red stripe is a lot less flashy than the air-ride on my current audi
Cheers, mate! We're young and wild and free-- red stripes ftw

Originally Posted by justinnum1
Does everyone have those lights on the airbag thing? i never noticed those in my car....
My understanding is that this car had the light package but I could be wrong. I haven't noticed the airbag lights on my car either

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