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Originally Posted by ZPinhead View Post
The pitch that I got was that if you got a flat that you would not only have to replace the tire but the entire wheel, making having one flat more or less pay for the cost of the insurance.

This is my first BMW and first experience with RFT. Are RFTs really that sensitive?
Well, whoever told you that is (excuse my language) absolute crap . If you get a flat, it's made to run on that tire for at least another 50 miles and should keep your wheel protected. Theoretically (someone correct me if I'm wrong) run-flats are less prone to blow outs so, another protection for your wheel.

Regarding your question, if they're really that sensitive, I don't think so, however, if you get a nail, metal, or some other debris that punctures the tire you'll be SOL and need a flat out replacement (which is what happened to me 3 consecutive times). Our European friends might want to look that one up but it I'm trying to keep the language clean.