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Originally Posted by wdlv View Post
Well, whoever told you that is (excuse my language) absolute crap . If you get a flat, it's made to run on that tire for at least another 50 miles and should keep your wheel protected. Theoretically (someone correct me if I'm wrong) run-flats are less prone to blow outs so, another protection for your wheel.

Regarding your question, if they're really that sensitive, I don't think so, however, if you get a nail, metal, or some other debris that punctures the tire you'll be SOL and need a flat out replacement (which is what happened to me 3 consecutive times). Our European friends might want to look that one up but it I'm trying to keep the language clean.
You can repair run flat tires safely contrary to what BMW says. My understanding is that the issue is how long the tire is driven with zero or very low air pressure and where the puncture is. If the tire gets a leak and runs a little low on air, there should be no damage to the tire and it can be patched. Even with zero air pressure, if the tire is driven on gingerly for a short distance it may be ok. The longer you drive and the lower the air pressure is what trashes the tire by possibly causing internal damage to the sidewall.
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