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Originally Posted by tcraft View Post
Throwing my two cents in here. My new F30 is my first BMW as well as my first vehicle with run-flats. The finance manager offered me the wheel and tire protection program for $1,000. Although I knew that it was definitely slanted in their favor (or else, why would they sell it), I decided to go ahead and purchase it for peace of mind for at least my first BMW.

My reasoning was, in every car I've ever owned, I've had bad experience with nails. And yes, while I know it's technically feasible to repair run-flats that have had nail punctures, I didn't want to play those odds.

Guess what?!?! Within a week I already had a nail in my right rear tire. Dealer replaced the tire no questions asked. Only thing they might not have pointed out is that every service visit covered under the warranty costs a $50 deductable. Total price, out the door was about $425.

So as of now, less than a month into having my 328i, I've already received the value of $375. I'm already ahead on my $1,000 investment.

But this is my example. Your mileage may vary.
Or....your local tire shop could have patched the small hole for $40.00 and you are a $-10.00 on your investment. Like most posters have said, it's a crap shoot!
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