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Sounds Faster F30 vs Is Faster S4

Frankly, the article made zero sense.

If we all took a poll as to which we prefer....a car that sounds faster...or a car that is faster....I think 100% of us would check the latter box.

The writer of this article inexplicably checked the former box.

I drove a 2007 E90 335i N54 with 162s for 5 years. I LOVED that car. My prior ride was an E46 330i with sports package. I LOVED that car too. In March I sold my 335i to my cousin who found himself in need of wheels when an idiot side swiped him (he was okay...his Maxima was not).

I now drive a 2012 S4 premium +, Nav+, Comfort Access, Sport Diff, DSG, 19 sport conti's, B&O sound system, quattro, phantom black mettalic, Audi car free service at 5, 15, 25, 35, 45K miles out the door at $51, 350K. Sticker $56,200.

So for all of you in the US the first "inaccuracy" of the article is that the S4 is 10K more than the F30 335i. It is not. I shopped them both very hard. You can get an S4 for the price of a similarly equipped F30 335i...if you know how to negotiate.

So for same price range you can get more horses, better acceleration, and all wheel drive (which I know some do not preffer). If exclusivity is important...the S4 is far less common on the road. For that reason I am getting all sorts of compliments like "Whoa what is of a car". I think its because the S4 is a rare sight.

So the real question after 1500 miles behind the wheel of an S4 is how does it compare to the F30 335i (test drove 3times), the E90 335i with N54 (drove 5 years), the E46 330I (drove 5 years)? Forget bells and whistles....including engine does the acceleration and handling compare....especially for us street drivers?

Simply put the S4 supercharged V6 mated to the DSG out performs all comers in just about every category....especially off the line acceleration. The S4 mated to the DSG pulls hard and the power torgue comes on early...when you need it....just keeps going to triple digits.

Especially the launch control word WOW!!

As I sad I loved the N54...but the the S4 supercharged V6 is just a bigger beast....the DSG....icing on the cake.

Frankly, after driving an E90 335i with the N54 twins...I tried to fall in love with the F30 335i N55 but could not.....going from N54 to N55 you feel that lag. Granted its a fraction....but that lag is there and it shows up right at the wrong time!!

So here is how I rank them:

>S4, E90 335i, F30 335i, e46 330i (but build quality on e46 330i is EXCEPTIONAL).

So before you buy that F30 335i....test drive an some hard negotiation on BOTH cars...then follow your heart.

But don't believe the article about the $10K.

My wallet is proof it aint so.