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Originally Posted by svache View Post
I guess I'm the only here who's going to say this, but I absolutely hate the interior of the Mercedes. It's like they need a button and knob for just about everything. Not to mention the way they build the screen in the dash and the steering wheel. I'm almost getting stressed when looking at the MB's interior, it's just way too crowded, there's simply no peace and quiet in the cabin.
Taste is certainly subjective, but I'm surprised you would consider the F30 interior to offer more "peace and quiet" compared to that of the C class. I personally find the C class interior to be MUCH more conservative and low key, compared to the dash comb over, red stripe, textured wood, etc of the F30.

I'm not saying the F30 interior is bad at all, but I would never call it peace and quiet, personally.

Also, one more word about the C class interior. Upon closer inspection, the HVAC control is quite remarkably cheap feeling, dampening my enthusiasm somewhat. I was shocked to learn that those same flimsy controls are found in the CLS, CL, and even in the SLS AMG. That is a disgrace. Still, overall a very nice interior for the class.