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Originally Posted by Ron Scott View Post
I see where you're going but think about that price as a percentage of collision insurance on the entire car and it's ridiculous. The wheels and tires would have to be complete garbage for an insurance payment like that to make sense.
It really depends on where you live, how much you drive, and what size wheels you have. If you have 18"s or bigger, drive a lot or drive in areas with bad roads, you have a pretty good chance of bending a rim and/or ruining some tires at some point. This is amplified by the stiff sidewalls of run-flats. I have had 1 bent rim (repairable) and two flat (ruined) tires in the past 10+ years. For me the insurance isn't worth it. By buddy on the other hand has a 3 year old Camaro with 19"s and has ruined 3 tires and bent two rims ( only one was repairable). It's really a YMMV and a luck thing!
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