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2012 328i Sport Canadian Version

Hey Guys,

I'm new to BMW and have some questions to regards to my new car that just picked up last night

i tried to ask the same question from the Dealership but they had no answer for me.

1. When i was building the car online ( one of the options in the Premium package is Park Distance Control, in the description of this option it was saying the following: "Ultrasonic sensors in the front and rear bumpers provide acoustic and visual (with iDrive) waring of nearby objects."

When i looked at my car this morning, there are no sensors on the front bumper, i asked the dealer what is going on, however he told me this might have been a typo by the site people.

My question does the Canadian version have the front sensors or not, as i read in the posts that US does have it.

2. I'm a blackberry user, so the salesperson told me there is no need to buy the BMW Apps option, as this is more for iPhone users, also when we talked about the option BMW Assist with Enhanced Bluetooth, either the salesperson or any one in the dealership knew what the Enhanced Bluetooth is, therefore i didn't buy this option.

Now i realized that the options Enhanced Bluetooth offered is something that i need (Emails, SMS, Calendar Sync between the car & my phone and Music streaming through the Bluetooth).

I went to see the dealer to ask him if the can install the Enhanced Bluetooth features on my car for additional cost as it looks like only a software update of the iDrive (i might be wrong), however he did not once again what to answer.

So my question is the above possible or i'm out of luck and stuck with a car for 4 year without this option.

I had a 2011 328xi before this one and the feature above were part of the basic Bluetooth package and therefore i assumed that it would be the case in this model. i guess my assumption was wrong.

3. is it possible to code this car and if yes, can you recommend someone in the Toronto, Canada area or in Buffalo, USA area. what i'm looking to do is the following:

A. upon locking the car to have the mirrors fold automatically and unfold upon unlocking
B. upon locking the car automatically have all the windows and sunroof close (without actually holding your finger on the handle for 10sec.

Your response is greatly appreciated.

If some of those questions have been answered before, can you please direct me to the right post.

Thank You