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Originally Posted by m6pwr View Post
Why would you use an oci formulated for a Toyota or an Audi for a BMW? Different oils, different engines, sump capacity, etc. Toyota says use 5w20 oil. Are you using that as the "right oil" for your BMW? Audi and Toyota are Simon Pure while BMW are capitalist swines? Why not use the mfr oci recommended by Cummins (hey, hey, usa, usa) for their heavy duty diesels: 35,000 mi?
Must be a BMW owner thing with your I'm right and no other opinion matters attitude. You're right that BMW, Audi and Mercedes are different. Well...DUH! They all do however have 4 cyl. turbo engines and are similar in car weights, performance, etc. unlike your smartass Cummins comparison. Real brilliant. Oh and the Mercedes C250 uses 8 quarts of synthetic and still recommends changes at 10k miles. The oil weights/viscosity will be similar among mfgs. and have more to do with the oil breaking down than getting dirty. Perhaps Toyota is not the best example but Audi and Mercedes are as close as you can get.
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