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regarding missing features, when I ordered my 2007 e90 (323) it was missing heated mirrors and heated washer jets. when I notified the dealer they said those options were not evan available on the car. they showed me a brochure which confirmed what they were saying.

knowing that all Canadian BMWs have always been equipped with 'cold climate' features, I went back to the brochure that the dealer originally gave me. surprise, surprise, my version said the car came with heated mirrors (it didn't say anything about the jets specifically but i was able to find out that they were supposed to be bundled together).

The service department said too bad. BMW Canada was of no use. BBB and OMVIC were just as helpful. So I wrote a letter to the owner of the dealership (and labelled it as private and confidential to ensure no one else would open it). Within a couple of days I got a call from the service department to bring my car in to do a retrofit of the missing equipment at no charge.

many companies do this, here's an article from the toronto star regarding a lexus ct200h

i think it's crazy that car companies can get away with this kind of stuff by putting a catch all disclaimer saying that what you order may not be what you get. if dell did that with computers, or sony did that with tv's, they'd have a pr nightmare on their hands.

oh, sorry, the core i7 pc you ordered with windows 7 was not available so we shipped you a core i5 with windows vista... close enough!

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