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Originally Posted by Flavio77 View Post
Does anyone think the difference in looks from the F30 and its predecessor is night and day? I don't mean to offend anyone but this car just looks incredible...Anyone else see this exterior as a BIG step up from BMW and the 3 series?
The F30 is a beautiful car...
on the other hand, the E90's main design lines were from a japanese artist... it has some nice details, but as a whole, i didn't like it as much ...

F30 > E46 > E30 > E36 > E90

Originally Posted by svache View Post
Yup.. I always disliked the look of the E9X after the E46. And while I absolutely love my F30, I still think the E46 is a winner when it comes to the exterior. Like my wife said to me the other day: "I wished they put all the technology and everything from the F30 into the E46, now that would be one awesome car"
I notice that SVache and i, we share a lot of POV in common... so i dont have to say much, i can just let you speak for me...

Originally Posted by svache View Post
nope, I'm a techno kinda guy

Well, that and the local reggae music here
Tomorrow on my last day with the car before the drop off,
i will be driving around in Paris with Hawažian music !!
I have tons of those as well LOL Yah Man!

Originally Posted by m630 View Post
+1! I absolutely agree, the e46 may have been the best design for the 3er ever, and I really loved my e30. I absolutely hated the e90, in fact so much that I decided to take a break from 3ers and got first the e63 645ci, and then the M6. I think the f30 is a great successor, though a larger car that more fits my needs now, so from a historical point of view, it may not fit the segment of the traditional 3er, but for my needs, its the best car that BMW currently offers (until the M4 GC comes out that is!)

But seeing an e46 recently, I though the same thing..they could bring the car out today with the newer tech additions and it would still be a great car to own, id certainly buy it!