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Originally Posted by AggieTexan View Post
I am getting ready to purchase my first BMW...a 2012 328i. My "Client Advisor" has located a car that has some but not all of the options I'm looking for. It is a Modern, Mineral Gray Metallic, with Oyster Leather and Anthracite Wood. Options are Premium Package, Xenon headlights, Technology Package (Navigation and HUD), Satellite Radio, & BMW Assist. I was hoping to get heated front seats, the Park Distance Control, and possibly the sunshades.

Questions -- Like I said, this car ticks most of my boxes. I live in Houston, so the heated seats are certainly not a "must have," and the rear shade is nice (I have one now), but I'll have the windows tinted to take care of the sun problem. I liked the Park Distance Control, but it also wouldn't be a deal breaker. Do any of you have these items on your cars, and if so would it be worth ordering the car and waiting just to get ALL my wish list instead of most of my list? About how long is the entire process if I was to order a car?

I also read something about a USAA discount. Has anybody on here used that, and how does that process work?

Thanks in advance for your help. If it matters, coincidentally the car I'm looking at is right here in Houston, so I could be in my new car in a matter of days!

I live in So Cal, the weather is practically perfect and never cold... but i like my butt, as well as my rear passengers' butt, and my hands on the steering well to be warm and toasty...
Therefore i got heated seats all around
and I love it myself!
I would recommend you that.

I got NO rear shade, and i didn't want it
because i am planning to tint my car anyways...

I got no Parking Helper... I am skilled
but if you think it can make it easier on you
(or if it was for my wife (that i dont have))
then i would get it... it's definitely a convenience i am sure.

In the end, it's really up to you whether you have a must or just a preference...

What options could you not live without ...??
you should ask yourself that question:

For me:

must be Manual
must have sunrơof
must be 6 cyl
must be at least 300 horses
must be 4 dơors
must be blue
........................... and that's all
anything else would just be extra for me
and extra is always gơod

gơod luck in your choice.