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Originally Posted by PrinceBarin View Post
For what it's worth, I have inherited a "basic" snap-in adapter from a colleague who decided he did not need it in his F30. I figured it will be as good a place as any to store my phone and, if it charges the phone and improves reception, all the better.

Meanwhile, I will be leaving an 80gb iPod in the car from which I will source all my music. Having failed to realise the importance of the various phone/media options, I have bought a Y cable for that.

Anyway, when my car finally arrives next week I will have the opportunity to test out these various options first-hand and will gladly report back what I find. I doubt there will be any nice surprises, but who knows!
I am very interested to find out first hand what alleged limitations the Y-cable has, if any....and if there is a poorer idrive interface for those who don't pay for the cradle, shame on BMW.