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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Two door mercedes convertibles (roadsters, to be proper) are hard tops. These include the SLK and SL. The new SLS roadster does go with a soft top instead, probably to keep weight in check (though they could have done it F458 style). Four door mercedes convertible are soft tops. For now, there is just the E class convertible. I suspect they will add a C class convertible next generation, and I would not be surprised if it has a hard top to match the BMW 4, but it may well stick with the soft top, especially if the next A5/S5 also does. A CL (S, come next generation?) convertible to match the CL coupe remains fantasy, but if they did build it you can probably bet on a soft top.

I don't know of a single large four-seat hard-top GT convertible on the market. There does not seem to be any demand yet. BMW is simply recognizing this fact in choosing to offer the 6 series with a soft top for the time being. If Mercedes goes to a hard top with the next E class cabriolet, then BMW might switch with their next generation 6 too. But maybe not.

Thanks for the info, and you are correct. I don't really follow Mercedes, so the SL and SLK are the only two convertibles I thought about, and they are both hard top. I didn't know there was an E class convertible. I was just looking at it from a cost/class perspective I guess. The 3 Series is a hard top and the 6 Series is a soft top, just seems odd to me the more expensive of the two is the soft top. Just something about say, a white car with a tan top ruins it for me, I just prefer the more seamless look of a hard top. My wife also had a couple of bad experiences with people slashing her soft top so we're probably just prejudiced against them now :-)