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Originally Posted by Feanor
I've heard of stories of people leaving iPods in their cars when the weather was freezing and it doesn't seem to be good for the battery - it was completely dead the next day and they had to plug it into the mains for ages for it to wake up. That was years ago tho so maybe the newer Classics are better but even so it might be worth taking it out of the car when temperatures are very high or very low. I doubt I'll remember though!
Cheers dude. My iPod is a 4th or 5th generation and has been living in the glovebox of my Audi for over two years without fail. It lives in a neat little slot which comes as part of the Audi Music Interface (which is great btw).

My old 20gb iPod died after 9 months in there though, it just couldn't hold a charge any longer. I guess the newer models are made of stronger stuff!