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Originally Posted by anon1M View Post
Is it possible to get a 2012 335i without iDrive anymore?

Not that I would necessarily want to do that, but curious if that option is available.

All the technology and iDrive stuff seems to make driving very complicated.

The shifter seems a lot more complicated as well. Thoughts on that?
Having driven my new 335i for 5 days now I can talk about the shifter. It's not really complicated but rather a matter of getting used to doing one thing differently, which I will explain.

The motion required to shift the car into R or D is the same as that of any other automatic transmission, and even less error prone in my opinion. To get to D you pull back, to get to R you push forward and there are really no other motions to remember.

The one difference is that when you put in park you have to push the P button instead of shifting the lever. That's it.