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Originally Posted by jtuds View Post
How is anything he says any different that what you're saying? You're pissed off because the reviewer's opinion is different than yours. And on #4 you completely missed the point. What he is saying is that if you have to ask if there's a point to a manual, then you don't get it (that manual is preferred by purists) so there's no point in a manual for you.

I didn't read a complaint about the 19s. He said they suit the car style-wise, then he said they're a rougher ride than the 18s. Put 19s on a Lexus, a Honda, a Mercedes, a Deloreon, a Mazda or a Lambo and you're going to get a rougher ride than on 18s, all else equal.

The word conservative is an adjective. He used it to describe the black leather, which I think most people would agree is more conservative than red leather. You're taking him to task for word choice? Or is it because he simply bothered to comment on the interior colour? If he said he loved the conservative black leather, you would have no problem with it, right? He did point out that the leather isn't much different from the leatherette, and he's right.

In #3 you just assume you're the majority. And even if you are, he's not paid to write about what people like you and me want. There are hundreds of guys who review cars and they all bring their own perspectives. if they didn't, there'd be no point to their reviews because we'd only ever get one perspective. And that's all it is anyway, a perspective. We're allowed to have one of those too.

On the price issue, you've been completely presumptuous. He doesn't say a s4 is a better value. He just says the BMW is expensive. For that matter, the Audi is expensive too, but the writer didn't even make that comparison.
Thanks for taking the time out to say everything I wanted to say.

I found this review to be pretty well balanced. I too used to have a very low opinion of the truth about cars, because some of their bloggers are/used to be spectacular idiots. But recently I'm realizing there are actually pretty decent people writing about cars over there.