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One poster above stated:

"There is even some recent data/testing (done by Ford and Conoco Philips) that indicates too frequent oil changes may actually be counterproductive.

There was a recent rant (maybe on this forum - - can’t remember) about the lack of a dipstick on some of the latest BMW engines. Actually, you should be happy. That is an indication that the motor is equipped with a neat device designed by Bosch called an oil condition monitor. What more do you want?"

Well, I think many of us would like to see the "data" showing that frequent oil changes may be counterproductive.

And as far as the dipstick issue goes, part of the "rant" you mention included the poster's experience changing his own oil in an E90 in which his oil-level computer read full even though he put in less than six quarts (not close to the seven specified), just to test its accuracy. A dipstick is an ultra cheap and reliable way to see how much oil is really in the engine. Sometimes hooking everything up to a computer is unnecessarily expensive, let alone disastrous if there are problems with the sensors.