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Originally Posted by Wild M View Post
I have the premium package, and I am able to make the alarm go off by opening the locked car with the key in the door. However, I am wondering if I have the motion sensor since I locked my wife in the car, walked away to be out of range with the fob and asked her to move around in the car ... no alarm!
Ok, I think we then have 2 possibilities

1) The sensors hare covered and cannot see the car ( was so on some North American E90 )
2) The sensors have not been coded on

We need to look at the front interior light cluster on the roof. Where the Sunroof/SOS button is.
There should be 3 grills facing towards the back of the car.
This is where the sensors look out

Do you have the grills ?
Can you take a picture ?

If the sensors are there and the grills open, then they just have not been coded on.
The dealer can code them on
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