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Originally Posted by Frankisme
I have a non Nav 328 and no BMW Apps. I use the Y cable when I want to play music from my iPhone.
This occurs when I use my iPhone and bluetooth is connected. I push the home button on iPhone when I want to use SIRI and the car starts to dial my voicemail.
Are you certain it's actually dialing your voicemail?

I also have a non-nav F30 and an iPhone 4S. Whenever I do something on my iPhone that requires voice input, the iDrive display makes it look as if it's dialing my voicemail, but in reality, it's just sitting there waiting for me to start taking. Anything I say gets sent via Bluetooth to Siri. When I close Siri, the iDrive display goes back to normal.

I think the iDrive display just appears as if it's getting a call from my own phone number.

What I would LOVE is if somehow the voice control button on the steering wheel (which currently serves no purpose because I have a non-nav system) could be mapped to activate Siri. That would be great.

Or even if some sort of key combination could be stored as a contact, and dialing it actually activates Siri.