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Ok guys. We got this.

Left-Right side is in reference to sitting in the rear seat.

[*]Step 1: Locate the correct post. The one without a button.
[*]Step 2: Start rotating the black plastic cover - both clockwise and anticlockwise until you can see the notches on the underside of it. If you push the leather seat down to reveal the underside of the black plastic cover, youll notice there are two clips on the bottom of the cover.
[*]Step 3: Take a 2.5mm flat head screwdriver and pry those clips off to release the plastic cover. This is tricky and stick with it. You can eventually pry them radially outwards.
[*]Step 4: The teeth on the post are on the left side. The pin ACTUALLY is on the left side, but the pushbar is on the right side of the post. See pictures, it looks like a curved piece of metal that you can use a screwdriver to push towards the post.
[*]Step 5:Now push the button on the left post and simultaneously push the push bar on the right side of the right post (!). Voila! The headrest will go all the way down!

I didn't try to take the headrest off but I'll try to take it off and see if I can buy a plastic cover with a button. It is identical mechanism (mirrored to the left post) and should be easy to install a plastic cover with button to facilitate the problem we have at hand. Success. Doesn't take an engineer to figure this out but the fact that I am one, I for one, am PROUD! lol.

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