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Lightbulb Best Look Yet at 3 Series M Sport Touring (F31) Prototype, in Action

Best Look Yet at 3 Series M Sport Touring (F31) Prototype, in Action
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This isn't our first sighting of the F31 3 Series Touring M Sport, but it's the best look yet at the F31 in beautiful Estoril Blue II and M Sport package.

The camouflage tape remains a formality since the F30 3 series sedan M Sport has already been revealed. The F31 touring will share the same front and rear bumpers/diffusers and sideskirts. What's missing from the test cars so far are the M Sport wheels (Style 400M 18" or 403M 19") and M Sport brakes (more info).

The next 3 series touring / wagon is expected to make its debut at the AMI auto show in Leipzig in early June. It should hit the US market sometime in the first half of 2013.

As for F31 variants? North America can count on a 328i model, but will hopefully also see other variants (i.e. 335i and/or diesel) offered at some point in the F31's life cycle, though it's all just speculation at this point.

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