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Post Meisterschaft F30 335i Adjustable Tone Exhaust Systems Released

Meisterschaft F30 335i Adjustable Tone Exhaust Systems Released
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Meisterschaft has released its exhaust systems for the F30 335i (N55) 3 series. The two systems are the Meisterschaft Super GT and Meisterschaft GTC complete down-pipe back exhaust systems (section 1,2, & 3), with exhaust tip options of 4x90mm and 2x102mm.

The focus was placed on achieving a smoother flow with less "vortex" turbulence and more linear exhaust flow. The exhausts are hand-crafted and features 3.5" inch piping from down pipe connection all the way throughout the rear muffler section (start to end).

The Meisterschaft GTC system offers a variable exhaust tone/note by featuring an electronic valve system that the driver controls via a hard wire switch or wireless remote. The valve allows the exhaust to go from a virtually stock exhaust note to the much more aggressive Super GT sound and performance, all with the press of a button (video demo below).

The Super GT exhaust system will sound about the same as the Meisterschaft GTC system in "open performance mode".

Manufacturer DYNO Results:

F30 335i Meisterschaft GTC Exhaust dyno results

+9 whp avg. gain (Stock vs Open mode)
+12 whp max gain (Stock vs Open mode)

+4 whp avg. gain (Stock vs closed mode)
+5 whp max gain (Stock vs closed mode)


Stock | Super GT | GTC

Section 1 (AR pipe): 13.8 | 13.8 | 13.8
Section 2 (SR reso delete): 9.4 | 9.0 | 9.0
Section 3 (Rear muffler): 24.6 | 15.5 | 23.6
Total 47.8 | 38.3 | 46.4



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