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Honestly, I really hope you guys get this sorted out ASAP!

We all love BMW's and know they are the best driving machines. I currently own a 2007 335i and can't wait to get my F30.

One thing is for sure: I've done my research! The c class or the a4, comes no where close to the F30.

In particular, I was so close to getting the C350 but after two test drives, I couldn't get my self satisfied. I priced out a fully optioned 328i and the price matched a fully optioned C350. But even with this, I'd still get the 328i.

I really wish you guys get your problems sorted out ASAP and stay with BMW. These are great driving machines.

I know the dealers can be a serious pain in the butt but I guess you need to know your options. If they're not providing the service they promised, then a little threat would be the right way forward.

I wish you both good luck and hopefully you'll get the right thing out of this...
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