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Originally Posted by SyL3nTFoRcE View Post
sorry for the late update.....

so it has been almost 1 week since i quit smoking feeling pretty great about it, my calorie intake is averaged at 1300 im not going to lie i ate some mcdonalds on thursday but it was a salad with dressing, it isnt easy honestly. im trying to commit to just water but temptation kills sometimes.
1300 calories is way to little you should be knocking back 2500, eating too little is just as bad as eating too much. Anyway I lost 50 pounds a few years back from walking, I weighed in at 250lbs and dropped to 200lbs in 6 months just from walking, I didn't change my diet, although I eat reasonably well, very little carbonated drinks, fast food or sweets. When I stopped walking after changing jobs and running out of time to walk the weight came back, I still don't have enough time to walk but do go to the gym 3 times a week, the weight is coming off slowly and I'm packing on the muscle.