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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
You're not going to be able to update the Nav. It specifically mentions a faster processor.
It does mention "offers faster processing" in the memo to the dealers but I'm not completely sure that this necessarily means a faster "processor". As a software developer, it is well understood that faster processing can definitely be achieve with enhancements to the code in a variety of ways without having to change the processor. This could purely be a software update that reduces unnecessary processes in the code. There is no mention of a faster processor on the BMW website as well.

New generation of Navigation system Professional.

The new generation of the Navigation system Professional impresses with its design and a superlative range of services. Innovative interface design makes operating the new generation of BMW navigation systems a sheer pleasure.

Bright illuminated objects that appear to hover against a deep-black background give the user interface of the Navigation system Professional a unique appearance. Sharp contrasts and a crystal clear presentation provide the basis to ensure excellent legibility of all details. All menus unfold in virtual, three-dimensional spaces, creating an impressive effect of depth. The objects appear sculpted, illuminated and animated. And 3D models are available for selected cities.

Hand in hand with the design, performance in the field of navigation has also been extended. Improvements in guidance, route calculation, speech control and traffic information ensure the driver of a comfortable journey. Functions such as ambiguous target input and free-text search compensate as far as possible for imprecise geographical details. And the new generation of the Navigation system Professional also has novel features to offer in the field of entertainment.
And even if it there was a faster processor, the software update could/should be able to be applied to the current model cars to provide the most recent updates.

This happened to me for the 330i e90 as well. There was a huge user interface change for the idrive system when the 335i came out. I went back to the dealer and complained that the system feels sluggish (because it really was since it was an early version of the idrive) and they were kind enough to install the latest update to the system which definitely sped things up.

The new UI updates are definitely more appealing. When I go to order the new F30, I will have to talk with my CA to see if he/she can provide this update for me while I negotiate for this vehicle.