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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
I don't think the example of Windows 7 -> Windows 8 upgrade is a valid one. We are talking about very specific OEM automotive hardware here. It it is not really designed with anything more than minor updates in mind. For the same reasons the 1st gen iPhone can't run iOS 5.1, you're not going to be able upgrade a 2009 335i (or even a 2012 F30) to the new interface announced yesterday.

You can certainly ask you CA about an upgrade, but I would be surprised if he/she was even aware of it. If you really want the next-gen iDrive, your best bet is to wait until 2014MY or even 2016MY for LCI F30 refresh (more likely).
Your example would state that the first generation idrive that came with a car in 2005 can't handle the latest idrive software, which is an extreme example.

The example I should have used is, an iphone 3GS (3rd gen) CAN run iOS5 even with the iphone 4 having a much faster processor and a better display.

All I'm saying is that most of the updates that they mention seem to be software based. Whether there is a faster processor or any other internal hardware change, no one knows. None of the visible hardware (display, knob, buttons) has changed.

Also, I cannot definitively confirm that the dealer would even allow for such an upgrade, but it doesn't hurt to negotiate and talk about, is it? Even if they aren't aware of the update now, in the near future, I'm sure they will have it and will be able to provide us with more information.