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Originally Posted by BMWSTL View Post
If my math and my assumptions are correct, the M-Sport option for the 335i will cost $1500 more than the Sport Line -- $3200 for the M-Sport package, less the cost of the Sport Line over the base of $1700. Anybody have any other thoughts?
Bingo, that's what I have been thinking too. Since I no longer need to spend an extra $900 on 19" wheels to get 255mm tires in the rear, I can get the 255" tires I want on standard 18" wheels at no extra charge with the M-sport package. So this package will end up costing me only an extra $600 over what I would have spent anyway. This becomes a no brainer for me.

Another benefit of the new model year is that the M-sport suspension and variable sport sterring separately were $900 and $300 last year, and are $1,000 as part of the new "dynamic driving package" this year. Another $200 off for us that want the best suspension/steering options.

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