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Originally Posted by Prince300 View Post
sport suspension vs dynamic handling package, any thoughts/preferences?
Originally Posted by joonix214 View Post
I don't see Adaptive M Suspension (2VF) as a stand-alone option. Does that mean I can only order Adaptive M suspension with the variable sport steering as the Dynamic Handling Package?

What if I just want the adaptive M Suspension without the variable sport steering?
I don't think you can separate the two now. It's not a huge deal however, because based on the original $900 price of the M suspension, it's like they're throwing in the sport steering for only $100 more, when it was $300 as a standalone option on the 2012 model.

Originally Posted by JustinTJ View Post
Navigation system is also a stand alone option for $2,150.

This is $950 less than Tech Package. It does not include:

6NR BMW Apps
610 Head-up Display
6NF Smartphone Integration
Originally Posted by bmrm396 View Post
guy guys guys! hang on a second here. there is a separate item 609 for just the navigation system? does this mean we can get it on its own now without ordering the whole tech package (or with HUD like before)?

thats exactly what it looks like. then u just get the tech package for 3100 if u want all that plus HUD. That would be awesome if tru!

Navigation does not appear to be a "standalone option," in that if you order it as an individual option, you are required to order BMW assist with it, which adds $650 more to the cost. So you're paying $2800 bare minimum if you want to have navigation included (at least that's how I read the option sheet). At that point you might as well pay the extra $300 for the full technology package to get the heads up display, BMW apps, and smartphone integration you wouldn't otherwise get if you just tried to order the navigation/bmw assist combo.

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