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Originally Posted by lukeb817 View Post
I was excited about de-coupling Xenons from the premium package, because the ability to have xenon headlights was the ONLY reason I was considering the premium package...but now it appears that satellite radio isn't an a la carte option anymore, and is only available with the premium package...Sirius is a "must have" for me. Bummer.

EDIT: So, I notice under standard options it lists "693 Satellite radio preparation" so that means the dealer could easily just do the necessary software changes to allow me to use Sirius? (I could care less about the year free subscription, I have been paying annually since 2005)
I'm with you on the bummer for satellite radio; if code 693 means I can get satellite radio on my own and all the hardware is pre-installed, then even better. It's far cheaper to activate Sirius on a new car on your own if it's 100% ready. Sirius right now is offering 4 months for free on new activations, and from there every 6 months I negotiate a 6 month subscription for $25.

It could also mean the head unit is ready for satellite radio, but it doesn't include the satellite radio modules that go inside your car to get the signal. My fiancee's car (a Mazda CX9) was like this, she ordered it without satellite radio, but the car was satellite ready, in that all we had to do was install the satellite radio modules and the head unit was able to handle satellite radio like it was an OEM feature. I ordered the modules for roughly $250 and paid $125 for the install. Retail was $300 on the modules, so I would expect to pay $400-$500 so to buy and have installed the Sirius modules on our cars if they don't come with it.

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