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Originally Posted by tony20009
Originally Posted by MaX PL View Post
yeh tech pack price isnt bad since it now includes assist and apps. all of that was $3450 in 2012.
I guess; it's good you feel that way. I don't....unenhanced Bluetooth is just fine, thank you. And all I want out of that thing is the navigation. I can't drive and use the computer at the same time, so what good are BMW apps?

For my part, it ticks me off that to get the one thing I want I have to buy over $1000 worth of stuff I don't want.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I buy specific cars for specific purposes. My 3er is my daily driver. It's not my people/stuff hauler. It's not my "go out for a fancy evening car," and it's not my "let's go find some twisty roads car." I just want a high quality car for basic use and that'll make a good hand-me-down when my nephews and nieces are of driving age. The 3er used to be exactly that.

Now I don't know what the hell BMW are trying to make it be. They keep making it bigger, when there's a 5, 6 and 7 for that purpose. And they keep making it more and more difficult to buy a basic car, equipped just as one desires -- not junk you don't want and with the junk you do want. At the rate BMW are going with eliminating the true a la carte ordering capability, I'm going to end up buy a Japanese car instead.

I'm griping here on this forum, but I've also expressed these same thoughts to my dealer, and he's not so keen about it either, especially as he knows he's headed toward losing a customer who's bought five cars from him since 2007 and I have two more children for whom to buy cars in the next 3 years. With the price of the 3er going as it is, they may well end up with Porsches or something Japanese instead.

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