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Originally Posted by lukeb817 View Post
When my wife (separated) totalled her '10 128i, she found a 2012 replacement with 350 miles on it for a steal out of state (someone won it a casino and couldn't afford to pay income tax on it) but it was missing Sirius. Before she bought it she gave the VIN to a CA at one of the local BMW dealers and he looked it up and confirmed that it was "Sirius ready" and he told her it would be $400 for them to set it up for her. Not sure if this required any hardware or just a software update. I'll ask her for details tomorrow, but I'm guessing they will be able to do that same thing with the '13 F30s.
The woman's Mazda dealer wanted not just $400 for the install of the Sirius radio on her car, but that was on top of another $300 or so for the parts. The grand total to install at Mazda after the fact was about $700 total. I got the whole thing done for $350.