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Originally Posted by Alpine F31 View Post
Are you sure?
the M Sport package includes the M leather steering wheel with multifunction including short-shifter gear lever (for manual transmission) in soft leather nappa with M emblem and sports seats.

That is from the description of the M Sport on There is no mention of a short shifter for the Sport Line.

NO, I'm not sure.

As I said, I "believe" that the changes to the MT were for all MTs, but it the Msport clearly states that that is an Msport thing, then let's go with that.

BTW, I looked up the gearing of the MT in the 335i and was surprised to find that the drive gears have not changed from what I have in my 09 135i MT. The only change is a shorter final drive from the previous 3.08 to the F30 MT's 3.23.
It'll help to move it out better, but highway cruise rpm is going up as well.