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Originally Posted by bmrm396 View Post
i wish they would define what "Sport Suspension" means for the msport ... i assume the same standard suspension that the Sport Line already comes with?

really doesnt seem like you get a whole lot for the money. bummer.
Agree. I think the F30 model/options are not at all clear. Used to be easy when you could just order the sport option, but with the new "lines" it seems that most of it is appearance and other fluff just to add another profit item. Fine, none of us have to order any of that stuff, but with some things now only coming in packages, you either ante up the bucks - maybe for a lot of stuff you don't want, or you don't get it.

On a side note, LOL at Cadillac for making RFTs standard on their 2L turbo models. Obviously, they didn't spend much time reading BMW boards.