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Originally Posted by RWFG View Post
Hey, du kannst ja richtig gut Deutsch!!

The guy from the cutomer service told me that it's in cars build after july 1st. They are MY 2013 and should get the new system.
So I am pretty sure that it depends on when your car will actually be build.

After all, let's hope that the information given by Munich is right! You all know, sometimes we here in the forum are better informed then the salesguys!
Danke! Ich habe in Berlin für ein und ein halb jahre gewohnt und habe eine Deutsche Freundin . Aber ich spreche besser als ich schreiben kann.

I suspect then that my bimmer will just about miss the July 1st build date. I'll ask my dealer shortly but I need the car by the end of July so wouldn't anyway want it to be delayed.

Originally Posted by svache View Post
I have no idea if it does this with emails as it cannot read my emails. It does read my text messages and I will let you know as soon as I try to do this (never tried this because I don't really care for it lol).

Btw, don't forget it also depends on what phone you're using in order to get this all working.. for example, the whole office thing doesn't even work with most phones, including the iPhone. Please notice that, in the pictures, they have been using a Blackberry phone to do this.
Ahh OK, I have an iPhone so never mind! The office thing does look cool though.