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Originally Posted by Yobyot View Post
If you don't have a production number for an MY12, I don't think you could get one now.

I have an ED for an MY12 scheduled for late July. It's been in status 111 since January (when I put in the order). Because one should be able to easily change a status 111 order, I decided last week to add 2VL to my ZSL 335i.

You wouldn't believe the push-back from the dealer. They kept saying that it couldn't be done, couldn't be done, could NOT HAPPEN. Apparently, BMW will make my car in June sometime and they've just about bought all the components for MY12s they are gonna buy.

Finally, I got them to change the order.

Personally, in Mass, we pay excise taxes based on both the model year and the base price of a car. If you buy the next model year in the year before it's "current" you pay more in excise tax. With the minor MY13 changes, I am happy I am getting a MY12 -- and break on excise.
I'll have to speak with my CA then to see what he says about it. Thanks.