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Originally Posted by ric124 View Post
No Fees are separate from cost of the car, but here are the fees I paid.

Registration: $450
Doc: $599
tire fee: $5
battery fee: $1.50
Lemon Law: $2
FL Doc Stamp: $100.10

I am not sure what MACO is but its not on my bill
You actually paid $1400 over invoice. The FL Doc stamp was Lauderdale BMW's "actual" doc fees. The doc fee (they call it a dealer fee sometimes too) you see listed is just dealer profit with a name people won't recognize.

It is a good deal on a 335 because the allocations are limited. On a 328, people outside of S.FL. should be able to do better than this. Lauderdale's going rate on F30s seems to be in that 1200-1400 range these days.