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Let the software engineers do their job. It's good for BMW. But if you have already bought your car, so be it. IMHO the car must drive properly. These are all.. let's just say... a bonus and not a deal breaker.

Blah. I've gone through several cars... from the bare bones 2006 E90 N46 320i (no iDrive, no dimming mirrors, no auto wipers/headlights and no cruise control) to the 2011 E90 LCI N46 320i with everything (iDrive Navi Pro, dimming mirrors, auto wipers/headlights, cruise, bi-xenon, blah blah) BUT I got a stupid GM tranny on my E90 LCI. Old had ZF.

I can't describe how much I hated the GM tranny and how much I hated the way BMW messed up the way the throttle behaves in the 2011 E90 LCI.

I just traded in the E90 LCI for a 2011 base model F10 with the N52B25 (here in Asia b/c road taxes would kill us with a 3.0L engine) and I'm loving every minute of it.

Speaking from my personal POV and experience I can tell you that I will trade for a better driving car vs bells and whistles any day. Bells and whistles can be retrofitted in time to come, but the engine and tranny sticks with you for the life of your car ownership.

I just see this as the IT department installing an upgrade to Adobe Photoshop. Nevermind the old version... at least I still have my Quad Core i5 with 16GBs of RAM.

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