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Originally Posted by SamS
Originally Posted by Maz335i View Post
I've got a strange feeling that the 2013 F30 is going to have the newer Nav system 609.
That would directly contradict the press release.

They put it in the high-margin cars first (5er, 3er Active Hybrid), and it can trickle down to the volume sellers in another 1-3 years. I think they'll wait for the F30 LCI to implement it.

Yup you're right about the press release. However it doesn't rule out the 2013 F30 sedans from getting the upgrade. As mentioned in my previous post, time will tell.

I've spoken to whoever I need to and tried getting confirmation. All I'm saying is that I have a 'strange' feeling it may get updated sooner than expected. I may also be wrong.

Let's just see what's not something that a buyer should get worried about but only something that would improve the Nav system already being used.

I believe someone on this thread tried calling BMW HQ and also got a positive response...

We'll find out in 5-6 weeks time...
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