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Originally Posted by PINeely View Post
Building a car to order is different than buying off the lot because while showroom models are already sitting there (the dealer wants them gone to make room for more cars) if you build one then the dealer must order it. This means occupying space on the lot with it until you pick it up and one fewer "showroom" car that he can order. Theres also the chance that you put in the deposit and order but never pick the car up. While you would lose your deposit the dealership would now be taxed with selling the car which you may have ordered in less desirable colors/options. For these reasons you may be able to get a little bit off but if you order a car you will likely pay close to MSRP.

The same is true of shipping a car from another dealership to yours. When the dealership occupies a lot space specifically for you then your price negotiation becomes limited.
Almost every sentence in this post is wrong.

First of all, if you cancel an order, you do not lose your deposit. As a matter of fact, I didn't even have to put a deposit down to order the car. I did not pay close to MSRP. My dealer immediately agreed to Invoice + $500. I eventually got it for invoice price + $0. And an ordered vehicle does not come out of their showroom allotments. Seriously. Where did you get your info?