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Originally Posted by Tremolo
Originally Posted by TrueBlue12 View Post
I think its possible that custom orders do come from dealer allotments, but I agree with you that it seems easier to get a deal on an ordered car. If you got invoice on a 335 you are the man.
This is completely separate from the number of orders for their showroom floor. Every dealer has an allotted amount of custom orders per month, called allocations. If they do a custom order from you, it doesn't not come out of show room allotment.

I was replying to this statement by PINeely: "one fewer "showroom" car that he can order"
Just to clarify regarding allotments. You're saying a custom order comes out a certain number allotted monthly to the dealer. In contrast, European Delivery orders don't come out of that allotment, correct?
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